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Graduate Seminars Offered in Fall 2020
Graduate Seminars Offered in Spring 2020
Graduate Seminars Offered in Fall 2019
16:070:501 Proseminar in Anthropology I
16:070:502 Proseminar in Anthropology II
16:070:503 Social/Cultural Anthropology
16:070:504 Kinship
16:070:505 History of Anthropological Theory
16:070:506 Research Design and Methods in Social/Cultural Anthropology
16:070:508 Evolutionary Theory & Processes
16:070:509 Kinship in Nature and Culture
16:070:510 Personhood
16:070:511 Anthropology of Gender
16:070:514 Language as Social Action
16:070:515 Theories of Agency
16:070:516 Sexuality in a Cross-Cultural Perspective
16:070:517 Anthropology of Violence
16:070:518 Power, State, Nation
16:070:519 Anthropology of Politics
16:070:520 Analysis of State Systems
16:070:521 Anthropology of Industrial Society
16:070:522 Anthropology of Religion
16:070:523 Culture and Desire
16:070:524,525 World Ethnographic Areas I, II
16:070:526 Urban Ethnography
16:070:527 The Ethnology of Inequality: Race, Class and Ethnicity
16:070:528 Explanation in Anthropology
16:070:529 Racialization, Immigration, and the Politics of Citizenship
16:070:530 Problems in Social Anthropology
16:070:531 Problems in Comparative Analysis
16:070:532 Problems in Ethnography
16:070:537 Anthropology of Human Rights
16:070:538 Phenomenologies of Capitalism
16:070:540 Theorizing and Writing Ethnography
16:070:541 Anthropology and Cultural Studies
16:070:542 Environmental Anthropology
16:070:543 Ecological Anthropology
16:070:544 Environmental Anthropology in a Changing World
16:070:545 Anthropology of Development
16:070:546 Medical Anthropology
16:070:547 Globalization and Neoliberallism
16:070:548 Cultural Politics of Transnationalism and Diaspora
16:070:549 Culture and Capitalism
16:070:550 Economic Anthropology
16:070:551 Maritime Anthropology
16:070:552 Seminar in Ecological Anthropology
16:070:553 Problems in Human Ecology I
16:070:554 Problems in Human Ecology II
16:070:558 Evolution of the Hominidae
16:070:559 Evolution of Behavior
16:070:560 Natural Selection and Social Theory
16:070:561 Human Behavioral Ecology
16:070:563 The Biology of Social Bonds
16:070:564 Problems in the Biology of Social Relations
16:070:565 Human Osteology Laboratory
16:070:566 Human Osteology
16:070:567 Human Variation
16:070:568 Primate Ecology and Social Behavior
16:070:569 Sexual Differences and Sexual Selection in Primates
16:070:570 Hominid Taxonomy and Systematics
16:070:571 Primate Evolution and Radiations
16:070:572 Biology of Human Behavior
16:070:573 Problems in Biological Anthropology
16:070:574 Methods in Field Primatology
16:070:578 Old World Prehistory
16:070:579 Archaeological Sciences
16:070:580 Research Methods and Theory in Archaeology
16:070:582 Paleoecology and Archaeology
16:070:585,586 Problems in Archaeology
16:070:587 Field Study in Archaeology
16:070:595 Gross Anatomy
16:070:600 Field Statement
16:070:601 Field Statement
16:070:602 Field Statement
16:070:603,604,605 Topics in Cultural Anthropology
16:070:626 Visual Anthropology
16:070:606,607,608 Topics in Evolutionary Anthropology
16:070:701,702 Research in Anthropology (BA, BA)


Departmental Chair
Craig S. Feibel

Graduate Director
Erin Vogel
Spring 2020 office hours:
Monday 2-3 or by appointment

Graduate Assistant
Safiena Salaman