B.A. in Anthropology

B.A. in Anthropology (Bachelor of Arts)
The B.A. track in anthropology trains students in the discipline’s four traditional subfields: cultural, biological, and linguistic anthropology and archaeology, providing them with a holistic understanding of humans as biological, cultural, and linguistic beings, both in the present and the past.  This track is intended for students who seek a comprehensive understanding of human cultural and physical diversity within a broad social, historical, and evolutionary framework.

Requirements for a major in Anthropology.  The degree code is 070.

Total number of required credits: 40 credits, of which at least 18 credits are at the 300 or 400 level. 

Requirements for Anthropology track

INTRODUCTORY COURSES: four courses required – 15 credits
01:070:101  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
01:070:102  Introduction to Human Evolution
01:070:105  Introduction to Archaeology
01:070:108  Language, Culture and Society

300- OR 400-LEVEL COURSES: one course in three of the four anthropology sub-disciplines – 9 credits:

01:070:301  Psychology and Culture
01:070:302  Culture and the Environment
01:070:303  Wealth and Culture
01:070:304  Political Anthropology
01:070:305  Anthropology of Development
01:070:307  Medical Anthropology
01:070:308  Anthropology of Religion
01:070:309  Visual Anthropology
01:070:311  History of Anthropology
01:070:317  Method and Analysis in Cultural Anthropology
01:070:318  Reading Ethnographic Writing
01:070:319  Anthropology and Human Rights
01:070:320  Diaspora, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
01:070:323  Women Writing Culture
01:070:324  Globalization, Sex, and Families
01:070:338  Culture, Wealth and Power in Africa
01:070:365  Law, Justice and Rights in Bolivia
01:070:366  Research Practicum in Law, Justice and Rights in Bolivia
01:070:367  Anthropology Goes to the Movies
01:070:368  Anthropology of  Mass Media
01:070:369  The Cultural Politics of Nazism
01:070:371  The Politics of Culture
01:070:372  Body Politics
01:070:374  Localities and Global Systems
01:070:376  Power and Difference
01:070:378  The Anthropology of Gender
01:070:379  Gender and Power in Africa
01:070:380  Culture, Memory, History
01:070:389  Ethnography of Gender in South Asia
01:070:401  Theories in Cultural Anthropology
01:070:406  Rights and Wrongs of Indigenous Peoples
01:070:410  Explanation in Anthropology
01:070:486  Gender Development, Environment: Policies, Politics, Perspectives

01:070:312  Language and Social Diversity

01:070:310  Human Aggression
01:070:325  Evolution and Culture
01:070:328  Evolution and Cooperation
01:070:336  Primatology, Wildlife Ecology, and Conservation in Kenya
01:070:337  Field Methods and Analysis in Primatology in Kenya
01:070:348  Primate Behavioral Ecology
01:070:349  Advanced Physical Anthropology
01:070:350  Primatology and Human Evolution
01:070:354  Functional and Developmental Anatomy of the Primate Skeleton
01:070:355  Laboratory in Skeletal Biology of Primates
01:070:356  Human Variation
01:070:358  Human Osteology
01:070:359  Human Osteology Laboratory
01:070:361  Hunters and Gatherers
01:070:364  Sex Roles and Social Structure
01:070:390  Fossil Hominin Anatomy
01:070:402  Primate Conservation Biology
01:070:412  Topics in African Prehistory and Paleoanthropology
01:070:414  Topics in European Prehistory and Paleoanthropology
01:070:420  Evolutionary Genetics: Humans and Other Primates

01:070:326  Pleistocene Hominid Adaptations
01:070:327  Post-Pleistocene Hominid Adaptations
01:070:330  Archaeology of Australia
01:070:332  North American Archaeology
01:070:333  Colonial Archaeology
01:070:334  Field Study in Archaeology
01:070:335  Analysis of Archaeological Data
01:070:391  Lithic Analysis in Archaeology
01:070:392  Faunal Analysis in Archaeology
01:070:393  Cultural Resource Management
01:070:394  Microstratigraphic Analysis in Archaeology
01:070:395  Quantification of Archaeological Data
01:070:397  Paleoanthropology
01:070:398  Field Research and Methods in Paleoanthropology
01:070:404  Advanced Seminar in Archaeology
01:070:412  Topics in African Prehistory and Paleoanthropology
01:070:414  Topics in European Prehistory and Paleoanthropology
01:070:426  South African Archaeology

ELECTIVE COURSES: five courses required, of which at least three are at the 300 or 400 level – 15 credits

Honors in Anthropology credit, and one approved independent study course, may be used toward elective credit. No course may fulfill more than one sub-disciplinary requirement.  Credit may be given for courses in other departments if approved. 

All courses applied to this major must be completed with a grade of C or better.