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Ulla D. Berg

alt (Ph.D, New York University, 2007; Associate Professor, Latino & Hispanic Caribbean Studies and Anthropology, SAS)  Migration, mobility, transnationalism, globalization, media, ritual and performance, affect, visual anthropology, Peru, Latin America, U.S. Latinos.

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Dan Cabanes

ID18 ANTH Dan C 08643web(Ph.D. Universitat Rovira i Vigili, Tarragona, Spain, 2009. Assistant Professor, Anthropology, SAS)  Microarchaeology, Site Formation Processes, Phytoliths, FTIR, Diagenesis, Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition, Neanderthals, Anatomically Modern Humans, Activity Areas, Urban Centres, Levantine Bronze and Iron Age; Europe, the Levant.

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Craig S. Feibel

(PhD, U Utah, 1988; Chair, Department of Anthropology, Professor Geology and Anthropology, SAS) Geological context of fossil and archaeological sites, paleoenvironments and paleoecology, microstratigraphy, geochronology; Africa

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Hylke de Jong

ID18 ANTH H deJong 08586web(doctoraal Leiden, PhD Bristol; Teaching Instructor). Dissertation title: Subsistence plasticity: A strontium isotope perspective on subsistence through intra-tooth enamel and inter-site variation by LA-MC-ICPMS and TIMS. Interests: Bioarchaeology, Isotope geochemistry, Strontium isotope analysis, Behavioural ecology, Phenotypic plasticity, Diet.

Pilar Rau

ID18 ANTH P Ran 08648web(PhD, U New York University, 2013; Teaching Instructor) Anthropology of art and aesthetics, economic anthropology, exchange, globalization, indigeneity, language and culture, media, religion and ritual, social movements, tourism, video production, visual anthropology; Latin America, the Andes.

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Louisa Schein

(PhD, U California-Berkeley, 1993; Associate Professor; Anthropology and Women's and Gender Studies, SAS) Cultural politics, ethnicity, critical race studies, nationalism and transnationalism, diaspora, sexuality and gender, masculinity and violence, representation, media studies and activism, documentary production, postcoloniality, postsocialism; China, US, Asian Americans, Southeast Asia, Hmong; China, Asian American, US.

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Becky L. Schulthies

ID18 ANTH B Schulthies 08563web

Ph.D. University of Arizona; Assistant Professor School of Arts and Sciences. Research Interests: linguistic anthropology; human-plant semiotic ideologies; Arabic graphic sensibilities; national/transnational Arab media ideologies; language ideologies and identities in Morocco; education and literacies; social media discourse; history of Arabic semiotic ideologies.

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Erin R. Vogel

ID18 ANTH E Vogel 08632web(PhD, Stony Brook University, 2004; Associate Professor SAS and CHES, Graduate Director, Anthropology) Primate feeding ecology, functional morphology, digestive efficiency, protein balance, and energetics, the evolution of cooperation and coalition formation; Costa Rica, Central America; Central Kalimantan and Sumatra, Indonesia.

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