For Rutgers-run programs, you need not present the UPD with syllabi, but you should see him or her before enrolling to ensure that the credits granted will fulfill your outstanding requirements.

Watch for more information as travel and field schools open up.

Vacone: Rutgers University Archaeological Field School in Italy

Turkana Basin Institute-Semester or summer Field School

Course matching has been confirmed for the following Rutgers courses:

  • Field Study in Archaeology (01:070:334)
  • Fieldwork in Paleoecology (01:070:351)
  • Practicum in Geoarchaeology (01:070:352)
  • Practicum in Vertebrate Paleontology (01:070:397)
  • Field Study in Paleoanthropology (01:070:398)

*There are no prerequisites for the above courses.

Tuanan Orangutan Research Program

Rutgers Global - Study Abroad

Rutgers Distinguished Fellowships

Check database and meet with officer to seek fellowships/funding for international internships, study abroad, etc.

For more information on studying abroad: Rutgers Study Abroad Office Information