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Rutgers Anthropology Department Programs


Fez Ethnographic Field School Morocco

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Primates, Ecology, and Conservation in Indonesia

This Program Runs during Even Summers; Will Run Again in Summer 2020

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Primatology, Wildlife Ecology, and Conservation in Kenya

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Other Rutgers Programs

Vacone 2019: Rutgers University Archaeological Field School in Italy

Turkana Basin Institute-Semester or summer Field School

Course matching has been confirmed for the following Rutgers courses:
Field Study in Archaeology (01:070:334)
Fieldwork in Paleoecology (01:070:351)
Practicum in Geoarchaeology (01:070:352)
Practicum in Vertebrate Paleontology (01:070:397)
Field Study in Paleoanthropology (01:070:398)
*There are no prerequisites for the above courses.

Tuanan Orangutan Research Program


Non-Rutgers Programs

PLEASE NOTE: Course credit is not automatic but can be arranged in many cases. To obtain credit for non-Rutgers field schools or internships offered by accredited universities, see the Undergraduate Director about transfer credit pre-approval.  For field schools or internships not offered by accredited universities, the work can be done as an independent study. To set this up:

  • Ask an Anthropology Department faculty member to serve as advisor.  Required independent study work might include additional meetings or assignments, at discretion of advisor.
  • Ask your advisor to contact the Undergraduate Assistant for a special permission number for 01:070:495
  • Register for 01:070:495

National Science Foundation (NSF) Programs: Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Cultural Anthropology

Cooperative Center for Study Abroad
     Offers Belize anthropology field programs in summer

Summer Field School in Ethnographic Methods in New York City

Humanity in Action Fellowships

Research in Applied Anthropology-Gozo, scholarships available

Surfing & Sustainability: Political Ecology in Costa Rica


Olduvai Field School-Tanzania

Drimolen Cave Field School-South Africa

Koobi Fora Field School-Kenya


Poland Mortuary Field School-Poland

Ice Age Island-Jersey, United Kingdom

Haagerup Field School-Denmark





New Jersey - check museums or web sites for internships

Rutgers Geology Museum - New Brunswick

New Jersey State Museum -Trenton

Newark Museum

Penn Museum