• Specialization: Primate behavior and ecology, sociality, life history, energetics, parasitology, conservation
  • Degree and University: Ph.D., Anthropology, Boston University, 2018


Research Interests: I am interested in how organisms respond to ecological fluctuations behaviorally and physiologically. I completed my Ph.D. at Boston University in 2018 where I studied the costs and benefits of sociality in wild Bornean orangutans. I examined how changes in fruit availability influenced social behavior, stress and intestinal parasite infection, and how the interaction among these factors change over the lifespan with reproductive status.

Current Projects: I am monitoring parasites in orangutans over time to examine how changes in fruit availability influence infection patterns. I am currently collaborating with Dr. Erin Vogel to assess the physiological impact of fruit scarcity on these critically endangered apes, and to understand the energetics of sociality.

Teaching Interests: primate behavior and ecology, conservation, reproductive ecology, research methods in evolutionary biology, biological anthropology


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