• Elise J. Laugier
  • NSF Postdoctoral Fellow - Visiting Scientist
  • Specialization: Environmental archaeology, land use, paleoethnobotany, geospatial approaches, Southwest Asia
  • Degree and University: PhD, Dartmouth College, 2021

Dissertation Title: Reconstructing Agro-Pastoral Land Use in the Mesopotamian-Zagros Foothills

I am an environmental archaeologist interested in the role of agriculture in the emergence and maintenance of cities, states, and empires, particularly in Southwest Asia. My research investigates the complex interplay between past agricultural economies and local environments, focusing on the legacy effects (ecological inheritances) of human landscape modification and the development of new approaches to quantify past land use. My work integrates a variety of approaches ranging from satellite remote sensing to the analysis of microbotanical remains.

I am currently working with the ALMA lab on the HEISL project investigating long-term human-environment relationships using archaeological sediments and modern reference collections. My current research also assesses the relationship between soil microbotanicals and remote sensing datasets and well as the potential of phytoliths to investigate the long-term impacts of agricultural land use on semi-arid ecosystems. I am also continuing to build on my previous research using phytoliths to approach long-standing questions about pastoralism in Mesopotamian (ancient Iraq) archaeology.

Environmental archaeology, digital archaeology, society and environment, agricultural origins

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