Research Affiliates

Wendy Erb

wendyerbprofilepic(PhD, Stony Brook University, 2012; Postdoctoral Fellow) animal communication, biological conservation, evolution of competition & cooperation, primate mating strategies, sexual selection, tropical ecology; Bolivia, South America; Siberut and Borneo Islands, Indonesia
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Gregory D. Lattanzi

Lattanzi(Ph.D., Anthropology (Archaeology), 2013, Temple University)

Dissertation Title: The Value of Reciprocity: Copper, Exchange, and Social Interaction in the
Middle Atlantic Region of the Eastern Woodlands. Advisor: R. Michael Stewart, Ph.D.

Jason Lewis

lewis photo crop(PhD, Stanford U, 2011; Director of the Turkana Basin Institute and Research Associate, SAS) hominin evolution and ecology, Old World prehistory, zooarcheology; Africa, Europe

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Robert Marlin

(Ph.D.,  Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 2001)

Dissertation: Possessing the past: Legacies of violence and reproductive illness in central Mozambique, advisor: Peter J. Guarnaccia, Ph.D.

Sarah Schaefer

(Ph.D. Evolutionary Anthropology, Rutgers University-New Brunswick, 2011)

Dissertation: Personality, Subjective Well-Being, and Vocal Communication in Captive Male Western Lowland Gorillas

Cathryn Townsend

(B.A., University of South Africa; M.A., Goldsmiths-London (United Kingdom); Ph.D., UCL-London (United Kingdom)