• Bridget Purcell
  • Bridget Purcell
  • Specialization: Political anthropology, critical urban theory, religious change, political phenomenology, Turkey, Syria, Middle East
  • Degree and University: Ph.D., Princeton 2014
  • Office: BIO-307
  • Office Hours: Fall 2022 - on leave


Bridget Purcell is a cultural anthropologist whose research teaching interests include political anthropology, critical urban studies, medical anthropology, and political ecology. She has authored several articles as well as a book manuscript, titled The City the Hides Itself: Turkish Geographies of the Otherwise. Principle theoretical approaches include political phenomenology and feminist cultural theory. Geographic interests include Turkey, Syria, and the greater Levant.

Selected publications:

Purcell, B. 2017. “Rebellious Matter: The Poetics of Ritual Space in a Turko-Syrian Border Town” in J. Biehl and P. Locke (Eds.) Unfinished: The Anthropology of Becoming. Duke University Press.

Purcell, B. 2017. “The House Unbound: Refiguring Gender and Domestic Boundaries in Urbanizing Southeast Turkey.” City & Society 29:1.

Purcell, B. 2019. “Urbanism” in H. Callan (Ed.) The Wiley Encyclopedia of Anthropology. Wiley-Blackwell.