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Kathleen(PhD, The City University of New York 2001; Teaching Instructor) Linguistic anthropology, language socialization, language ideologies, multilingualism, food and language, gender and sexuality, Marquesas, French Polynesia, France, la francophonie. kcr58@anthropology.rutgers.edu



Kathleen (Kate) C. Riley received her doctorate in cultural and linguistic anthropology from CUNY in 2001. She has conducted fieldwork in the Marquesas, Vermont, France, Montreal, and NYC. Her research has focused on the relationship between language ideologies and language socialization, language shift, and culturally constructed social identities (indigeneity, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality). Recently she has been looking with special interest at how food and language are interrelated both materially (rhetorical approaches to food justice and sustainability) and symbolically (food as an embodied system of communication). She serves on the AAA Committee for Human Rights and the SLA Task Force on Language and Social Justice. kcr58@anthropology.rutgers.edu


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