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alt(PhD, Australian National U, 1969; Prof Emeritus, SAS) Kinship, pseudo-procreative theory, the ethnographic study of human nature, history of anthropology, primitivism; Aboriginal Australia, lowland S America warshap7@aol.com

shapirophotoProfessor of Anthropology
Department of Anthropology
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Ph.D. Australian National University, 1969



Research Interests

Anthropology and social theory (especially primitivist thought), history of anthropology, kinship, anthropology of religion (especially pseudo-procreative thought), the ethnographic study of human nature; Aboriginal Australia, Lowland South America

Most of my current research is in kinship studies, particularly with a view to an extended critique of the so-called "performative" kinship studies inspired primarily by David Schneider and more recently taken up by Marshall Sahlins. I believe that the performativists are demonstrably wrong in arguing that criteria such as commensality, co-residence, and early nurturance have the same semantic status as procreative criteria, that the last-named nearly always provide a model for other means of establishing kinship, and that, throughout the world, kinship is based on the nuclear family. Moreover, I am concerned with the sloppiness of performativist analyses, their hegemonic aspirations in the current academic environment, and their subscription to antediluvian Durkheimian and Marxist models of human sociality - all of which, I believe, bode badly for the future of higher education. I argue that these models provide a critique of Western Civilization that is largely unwarranted, that lends itself to authoritarian and utopian thinking, and that is therefore fundamentally at odds with a free society. Those interested in a more extended treatment of these theses are directed to my recent article in ACADEMIC QUESTIONS, "Anti-Family Fantasies in 'Cutting-Edge' Anthropological Kinship Studies. Also pertinent is my essay "What Human Kinship Is Primarily About: Toward a Critique of the New Kinship Studies," published in SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY 2008, and a lengthy critique of Sahlins' new book on kinship currently in press.

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