Coordinator for Research, Internships, and Study Abroad (CRISA)
Professor Pilar Rau

Undergraduate Program Director
Professor Rob Scott

Internships add great value to the undergraduate experience and resume, either as extracurricular activities or for credit. A student may apply to have a supervised internship credited towards his or her major or minor, before he starts the internship. This requires registering for 01:070:386 Internship in Anthropology (3 credits).  Internship opportunities may be found by working with the faculty CRISA, through or other employment search engines, by googling internships in your area of interest, or by approaching companies, museums, or individuals that are connected with your area of interest.  See below for a few possible sources.

• Work with the faculty Coordinator for Research, Internships, and Study Abroad (CRISA) to find an internship opportunity
• Discuss the scope and timing of the internship with your proposed outside supervisor and with the faculty CRISA. The CRISA will be instructor of record.
• Provide the CRISA with your agreement and plan for the internship made with your outside supervisor.
• Obtain the consent and signatures of the CRISA and UPD on this form.
• Give this form to the Undergraduate Program Assistant and request a special permission number to register for 070:386


See pdf Internship in Anthropology form (95 KB)


Internships - Several Sources Listed below



New Jersey - check museums or web sites for internships

Rutgers Geology Museum - New Brunswick

New Jersey State Museum -Trenton

Newark Museum

Penn Museum


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