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Rutgers Anthropology Club

anthroclub sp19The Rutgers Anthropology Club is open to majors and minors as well as any interested undergraduates. The goal of the club is to create a space for intellectual growth and community development by bringing students together, allowing for a deeper understanding of each other through conversation and projects. Club activities are selected during meetings, including occasional trips centered on anthropology topics.  The club aims to bridge together students with the Anthropology Department, allowing better access to professors and helping to serve department needs. Meetings are held Tuesdays at 9:00 pm in the Ruth Adams Building 3rd floor lobby.  Join us for a meeting!

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Rutgers Archaeological Society (RAS)

RAS Club

The Rutgers Archaeological Society was founded to give undergraduates with an interest in the field of archaeology an opportunity to meet and share in discussions and activities, including field trips and guest speakers. The club now acts as a resource for students studying Anthropology and Evolutionary Anthropology on many fronts, serving as peer advisors for students pursuing a major and offering advice on classes and coursework. The club also provides interested students with information on how to access opportunities to work in the field.  Attend the next meeting to see what the Archeological Society is all about.  Fall 2019 meetings - Tuesdays at 8:00 pm in BIO-302.

user names for Instagram and Twitter: @RUarchaeology
Facebook: Rutgers Archaeological Society

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