Human Evolutionary Sciences (HES)

Charles Maingi Kivasu

Charles Mangai KivasuPhD Student
Advisor: Ryne Palombit
Program: Human Evolutionary Sciences (HES)
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Research Interests: primate behavior ecology, conservation, social behaviors, and their interactions with humans

I hold a BSc degree in Environmental Conservation and Natural Resource Management and a MSc degree in Biology of Conservation from the University of Nairobi. My research focused on the implications of forest fragmentation and human activities on plant foods and behavior of the Tana River Mangabey. Previous research has been aimed at monitoring the feeding behavior and habitat loss of the Tana River mangabey and the Tana River Red colobus. Also, I have been engaged in assessing the utilization of forest products by the local community and their impact on the highly endangered Tana River mangabey. In the future, I aim to contribute to the conservation of primates by understanding their interactions with the human in their habitat as well as inform local communities.