Human Evolutionary Sciences (HES)

Eva Mann

Eva MannPhD Student
Advisor: Erin Vogel
Program: Human Evolutionary Sciences (HES)
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Research Interests: primates, diet plasticity, stable isotope analysis (SIA), anthropogenic/climate-induced habitat change

I am interested in how primates dietarily adapt to climate and anthropogenic-induced habitat loss using stable isotope analysis.
I received my B.A. in Anthropology and Geological Sciences at the University of Miami in 2017. My undergraduate thesis Geochemical analysis of Tequesta calcretes (Mann et al 2019) focused on the isotopic geoarchaeology of a settlement in Downtown Miami, previously occupied by the Tequesta population (pre/proto-historic indigenous group of South Florida), to better understand the paleoenvironment of the site before and after Spanish arrival. I received my M.A. in Anthropology/Human Skeletal Biology in New York University in 2020 and focused my thesis on the isotopic diet of the Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico rhesus macaques before and after Hurricane Maria’s deforestation of the island. As a doctoral student in Anthropology at Rutgers, I am interested in a holistic approach using multiple stable isotope techniques to answer questions on the nutritional consequences and fallback behaviors of the Bornean Orangutans influenced by the habitat-loss and fires in the peatlands of Borneo. As an underrepresented minority in the sciences, I am passionate about promoting and advocating for diversity and inclusion, in all the spaces around me. I aim to continue to do this through mentorship for underrepresented minorities, activism, and public/community outreach.