Human Evolutionary Sciences (HES)

Rupesh Gawde

Rupesh Gawde headshotPhD student
Advisor: Gloria Dominguez Bello/Erin Vogel
Program: Human Evolutionary Sciences (HES)
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Research Interests: Primates, Behavioural ecology, Feeding ecology, Health, Nutrition, Metagenomics

The basic question I ask, how primates survive the way they do - requires an understanding of different aspects of, health and behavior ecology that is modulated by environment and diet. By, integrating observational and experimental techniques from evolutionary biology, nutrition, microbiology, and metagenomics, I hope to pursue a richer understanding of primate behavior. The fascinating differentiation of dietary flexibility and behavioral plasticity in urban primates in comparison to forest-dwelling primates is of particular interest to me and will be my research focus. I received my Masters from the University of Pune, India. After this, I worked on a variety of different primate studies answering questions of feeding ecology, primate conservation, primate landscape ecology, human-primate co-existence. A kinesthetic learner, hoping for primate conservation by promoting coexistence.