Human Evolutionary Sciences (HES)

Kyra Johnson

KyraJohnsonHESPhD Student
Advisor: Dan Cabanes
Program: Human Evolutionary Sciences (HES)
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Research Interests: microarchaeology and taphonomy; dietary and technological changes in archaeological record; effects of heat on bone

I received a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in May of 2019. My undergraduate research focused on understanding how the surface of bone is altered by fire and other taphonomic processes. This research led to a poster presentation at the 2019 Society for American Archaeology meeting. That poster explored how the quantification of surface roughness may aid in the identification of burnt and weathered bone in the archaeological record.  My senior thesis expanded on this research by investigating how the surface roughness of White Tailed Deer ribs were affected by repeated heating events. At Rutgers, I would like to expand on this research, as well as look at other macro- and micro-scale effects of heat on bone. My broader research interests include using a combination of microarchaeology and taphonomy to understand how we can track major dietary and technological changes in the archaeological record. In my free time, I enjoy exploring museums, reading, and finding the best slice of cake in the world.