Graduate Seminars Offered in Fall 2020

502:01 Proseminar in Anthropology    M5,6, RAB-302               Schrire

505 (# will change) Hist of AnthroTheory II T4,5, RAB 305       Tompkins or Ghassem-Fachandi

510:01 Anthro of Personhood            W6,7, RAB 305               Berg

541:01 Anthro and Cultural St             Th3,4, RAB 302               Schein

561:01 Human Behavioral Ecology     T1,2, RAB 302                Cronk


Departmental Chair
Craig S. Feibel

Graduate Director
Erin Vogel
Spring 2020 office hours:
Monday 2-3 or by appointment

Graduate Assistant
Safiena Salaman