Dr. Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi does research in Gujarat, India


Dr. Daniel Goldstein in Belgium


Recently graduated anthropology major continues her work and studies


Dr. Dorothy Hodgson and Maasai activist Ndini Kimesera Sikar at the U.N. in NYC


Student discusses honors poster on “Undocumented Mexican Women in New Brunswick”


Dr. David Hughes at Fukushima Workshop, Tokyo


Graduate student meets orangutan as a T.A. in Borneo with Rutgers Study Abroad "Primates, Ecology and Conservation in Indonesia"


Student discusses Honors work at historic site in Trappe, PA with Chair, Dr. Craig Feibel

Completed PhD Dissertations & Placements

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Frank Batiste

  • Dissertation Title: Theory of the Mind and the Role of the Target Individuals' Group Affiliation
  • Chair: Lee Cronk
  • Placement: Instructor, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology, Columbia University

E. Marshall Brooks

  • Dissertation Title: Disenchanted Lives: Apostasy and Ex-Mormanism among the Latter-Day Saint
  • Chair: Dorothy Hodgson
  • Placement: 2016-2016: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Family Medicine an Population Health, Virginia Commonwealth University

Susan Coiner-Collier

  • Dissertation Title: Feeding Ecology and the Trabecular Structure of the Mandibular Condyle in Extant Primates
  • Chair: Rob Scott
  • Placement: 2016-2017 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Biological Sciences, Notre Dame University

Assaf Harel

  • Dissertation Title: "The Eternal Nation does not fear a long road": An Ethnography of Jewish Settlers in Israel/Palestine
  • Chair: Daniel Goldstein
  • Placement: 2015-2016 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University

Emily Aronoff Lynch

  • Dissertation Title: Patrilineal Kinship in a Matrilocal Society of Olive Baboons (Papio hamadryas anubis) in Kenya
  • Chair: Ryne Palombit


Chaunetta Jones

  • Dissertation Title: Between State and Sickness: The Social Experience of HIV/AIDS Illness Management and Treatment in Grahamstown, South Africa
  • Chair(s): Peter Guarnaccia and Dorothy Hodgson
  • Placement: 2014-2015:Research and Evaluation Fellow, FDA Center for Tobacco Products

Robert Lynch

  • Dissertation Title: The Evolution of Life History Traits in Iceland 1650-1950
  • Placement: Postdoctoral Fellowship on the research of Napoleon Chagnon and the Yanomamo at the University of Missouri

Inga Vekler

  • Dissertation Title: "We Left Forever and Into the Unknown": Soviet Jewish Immigrants' Experiences of Transit Migration
  • Chair: Daniel Goldstein


Lincoln  Addison

  • Dissertation Title: Delegated Despotism: Labor, Sex and Spirituality on a South African Border Farm
  • Chair: David Hughes
  • Placement: 2013-2014: Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of International Development Studies, Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • 2014: Assistant Professor, Professor, Department of Anthropology, Memorial University (Canada)

Lisa Danish

  • Dissertation title: Following," an Alternative Mating Strategy of Male Olive Baboons (Papio hamadryas anubis)
  • Advisor: Robert Trivers
  • Placement: Postdoctoral research Grant from DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) to support her project “Integration of Behavioral, Genetic and Endocrine Data on a Proposed Alternative Mating Strategy in Male Crested Black Macaques (Macaca nigra).”

Simone Delerme

  • Dissertation Title: The Latinization of Orlando: Race, Class, and the Politics of Place
  • Chair: Ana Yolanda Ramos-Zayas
  • Placement: 2013: Assistant Professor at the University of Mississippi in the Departments of Anthropology and Southern Studies

Omotayo Jolaosho

  • Dissertation Title:
  • Advisor: Dorothy Hodgson
  • Placement: 2013-2015: Two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Institute for the Humanities, University of California-Merced
  • 2015: Assistant Professor, Department of Africana Studies, University of South Florida

Nell Quest

  • Dissertation Title: Portside Synaesthetics: Sensing The Politics of Place
  • Chair: Fran Mascia-Lees
  • Placement: 2012: Research Analyst, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, Research Division, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Jay Reti

  • Dissertation Title: Methods for Determining Differential Behaviors in Stone Tool Production and Application to the Oldowan Of Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania and Koobi Fora, Kenya
  • Chair: Jack Harris
  • Placement: 2013: Lecturing at UC Santa Cruz teaching Intro to Human Evolution, and Adjunct Instructor at Santa Rosa College teaching Intro to Physical Anthropology.

Chigusa Yamaura

  • Dissertation Title: Locating Marriageable Communities: Cross Border Matchmaking between Japan and Northeast China
  • Chair: Louisa Schein
  • Placement: 2013: Visiting scholar at Oxford University, affiliated with the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies


Luca Morino

  • Dissertation title: Behavioral Endocrinology of Wild Male Siamangs
  • Advisor: Ryne Palombit
  • Placement 2013: Postdoc, Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University, Japan. Luca’s research investigates small ape (gibbons and siamangs) cognition.

Kari Prassack

  • Dissertation Title (2012): The Paleoenvironmental Utility of Fossil Birds from Bed I and Lowermost Bed II (Plio-Pleistocene), Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
  • Advisor: Rob Scott
  • Placement: Chief Paleontologist/Curator at Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument (National Park Service)

Helen Wasielewski

  • Dissertation title: Social Learning Mechanisms of Cultural Evolution
  • Advisor: Lee Cronk
  • Placement: 2015: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Psychology, Arizona State University

Sarah Wise

  • Dissertation Title: Conservation, Enclosure, and the Language of Ownership in the Bahamas
  • Advisor: Bonnie McCay
  • Placement: 2013: Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Bremen (Germany)


Chelsea Booth

  • Dissertation Title: These People Deprived of This Country: Language and the Politics of Belonging Among Indians of Nepali Descent
  • Chair: Laura Ahearn
  • Placement: Public Health Advisor, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Fatimah Williams Castro

  • Dissertation Title: The Politics and Everyday Experience of Race in Post-Constitutional Reform Colombia
  • Chair: Ana Ramos-Zayas
  • Placement: 2011: Partnership Coordinator of the New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids - New Brunswick, a statewide program for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • 2014: Founder, Beyond the Tenure Track

Emily McDonald

  • Dissertation Title: Risky Embodiments: Momentum and Transnational Medical Travel in the Paris of South America
  • Chair: Fran Mascia-Lees
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, John Jay College (CUNY)
  • 2012: Postdoctoral fellow in the Tobacco Control Program, Department of General Medicine, at the University of California, San Francisco

Emmanuel Ndiema

  • Dissertation Title: Mobility and Subsistence Patterns Among Mid-Holocene Pastoralists at Koobi Fora, Northern Kenya, New Archaeological Sites and Evidence from Obsidian Sourcing and Geochemical Characterization
  • Chair: John W.K. Harris
  • Placement: 2011: Research Scientist, National Museum of Kenya

Jane Park

  • Dissertation Title: Locating Korean American Adoptees: Race, Emotion, And Out-Of-Place Subjectivity 
  • Chair: Louisa Schein
  • Placement: Bloomfield College

Sarah Schaefer

  • Dissertation Title: Personality, Subjective Well-Being , and Vocal Communication in Captive Male Western Lowland Gorillas
  • Chair: Dieter Steklis
  • Placement: Adjunct Faculty, Central Michigan University's Global Campus

Stephen Merritt

  • Dissertation Title:Controlled butchery observations as a means for interpreting Okote Member hominin carnivory at Koobi Fora, Kenya.
  • Chair: John W.K. Harris and Robert Blumenschine
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham


Bria Dunham

  • Dissertation Title: Applications of Signaling Theory to Contemporary Human Courtship
  • Chair: Lee Cronk
  • Placement: 2010: MPH student with a concentration in Global Health Leadership, New York University
  • 2013: Assistant Professor, Department of International and Global Studies, Mercer University
  • 2015: Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Health and Rehabilitive Sciences, Boston University

Drew Gerkey

  • Dissertation Title: From State Collectives to Local Commons: Cooperation and Collective Action Among Salmon Fishers and Reindeer Herders in Kamchatka, Russia
  • Chair: Lee Cronk
  • Placement: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Washington
  • 2013: Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Oregon State University

Michael Pante

  • Dissertation Title: The Larger Mammal Fossil Assemblages from Beds III and IV, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania: Implications for the Feeding Behavior of Homo Erectus
  • Chair: Robert  Blumenschine
  • Placement: Research Fellow, Institute of Archaeology, University College London
  • 2013: Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Colorado State University

Satsuki Takahashi

  • Dissertation Title: Surviving Modernization: State, Community, and the Environment in Two Japanese Fishing Towns
  • Chair: Bonnie McCay
  • Placement: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of East Asian Studies, Princeton University
  • 2015-2016: Toyota Visiting Professor, Center for Japaneses Studies, University of Michigan
  • 2016: Assocoate Professor, Faculty of Humanity and Environment, Hosei University (Japan)

Adam Heinrich

  • Dissertation Title: A Zooarchaeological Investigation into the Meat Industry Established at the Cape of Good Hope by the Dutch East India Company in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
  • Chair: Carmel Schrire
  • Placement: Monmouth University


Arpita Chakrabarti

  • Dissertation Title: A Fine Balance: Remaking Muslim Modernity and Religious Practices in Delhi and New York City
  • Chair: Louisa Schein
  • Placement: Research Associate, India

Christopher Lepre

  • Dissertation Title: Plio-Pleistocene Stratigraphy and Paleogeography for Hominin Remains from Areas 130 and 133, Koobi Fora, Kenya
  • Chair: Craig Feibel
  • Placement: Adjunct Faculty in Anthropology, William Paterson University

Sarasij Majumder

  • Dissertation Title: “Peasants” Against the Nano?  Neoliberal Industrialization and the Land Question in Marxist-Ruled West Bengal, India
  • Chair: Bonnie McCay
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Asian Studies & Anthropology, Kennesaw State University

Debarati Sen

  • Dissertation Title: From Illegal to Organic: Fair Trade Organic Tea Production and Women's Political Futures in Darjeeling India
  • Chair: Dorothy Hodgson
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University

Sharon Baskind-Wing

  • Dissertation Title: Reclaiming Rural Character: Conservation, Conflict, and Nostalgic Landscapes of Orcas Island, WA
  • Chair: David Hughes
  • Placement: Associate Director of Institutional Advancement, American Museum of Natural History

Dillon Mahoney

  • Dissertation Title: The Art of Connection: Negotiating the Digital Divide in Kenya’s Curio Industry
  • Chair: Angelique Haugerud
  • Placement: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of South Florida-Tampa; 2013-2015

Jack McCoy

  • Dissertation Title: Ecological and Behavioral Implications of New Archaeological Occurrences from Upper Burgi Exposures at Koobi Fora, Kenya
  • Chair: John W.K. Harris
  • Placement: Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ

Edgar Rivera Colón

  • Dissertation Title: Getting Life in Two Worlds: Power and Prevention in the New York City House Ballroom Community
  • Chair: Louisa Schein
  • Placement: Assistant Professor of Clinical Sociomedical Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

Johnelle Lamarque

  • Dissertation Title: The Making of a Waterfront Suburb: An Ethnography of Coastal Gentrification in New Jersey
  • Chair: Bonnie McCay
  • Placement: Research Analyst, Utah Department of Health


Marc Shur

  • Dissertation Title: Hormones Associated with Friendship between Adult Male and Lactating Female Olive Baboons, Papio Hamadryas Anubis
  • Chair: Ryne Palombit
  • Placement: Full-Time Professor, Berkeley College

Montserrat Soler

  • Dissertation Title: The Faith of Sacrifice:  Commitment and Cooperation in Candomblé, an Afro-Brazilian Religion
  • Advisor: Lee Cronk
  • Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati; currently teaching at Montclair State University
  • Lecturer and Assistant Researcher, Department of Anthropology, University of California at Santa Barbara


Christopher Campisano

  • Dissertation Title: Tephrostratigraphy and Hominin Paleoenvironments of the Hadar Formation, Afar Depression, Ethiopia
  • Chair: Craig Feibel
  • Placement: Assistant Professor - Institute of Human Origins & School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University

Ju-Chen Chen

  • Dissertation Title: Capital Dreams: Global Consumption, Urban Imagination and Labor Migration in Late Socialist Beijing.
  • Chair: Louisa Schein
  • Placement: Lecturer in the department of Anthropology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Dorothy Gioia

  • Dissertation Title: Scientific Vision and Spiritual Sense: Scientists’ Attitudes Toward Religion, Science, and Their Own Work
  • Chair: Warren Shapiro
  • Placement: Associate Director, English Writing Program, Rutgers University

Noelle Molé

  • Dissertation Title: Protection and Precariousness: Workplace Mobbing, Gender and Neoliberalism in Northern Italy
  • Chair: Laura Ahearn
  • Placement: Lecturer, Princeton Writing Program & Department of Anthropology, Princeton University

Ronald Smith

  • Dissertation Title: An Individual Based Comparative Advantage Model: Did Economic Specialization Mediate the Fluctuating Climate of the Late Pleistocene during the Transition from Neanderthals to Modern Humans?
  • Chair: Susan Anton

Darine Zaatari

  • Dissertation Title: Individual Biological Traits and Behavior in Economic Games in Two Populations: Lebanon and Jamaica
  • Chair: Lee Cronk
  • Placement: Project Director, Biosocial Research Foundation

Rowena Magid

  • Dissertation Title: Isotopic Evidence of the Consumption of C(4) Plant Material by Deer in the Lowe Illinois River Valley and Its Implications for Deer Management by the Middle Woodland Amerindian Population
  • Chair: Susan Cachel
  • Placement: Science Teacher and Department Head, Hillel Yeshiva High School

Briana Pobiner

  • Dissertation Title: Hominin-Carnivore Interactions: Evidence from Modern Carnivore Bone Modification and Early Pleistocene Archaeofaunas (Koobi Fora, Kenya; Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania)
  • Chair: Robert Blumenschine
  • Placement: Education Programs Specialist – Human Origins, The Smithsonian Institution


Mona Bhan

  • Dissertation Title: Visible Margins: State, Identity & Development among Brogpas of Ladakh (India)
  • Chair: Dorothy Hodgson
  • Placement: 2006: Assistant Professor, DePauw University
  • 2015: Associate Professor, DePauw University

David Braun

  • Dissertation Title: The Ecology of Oldowan Technology: Perspectives from Koobi Fora and Kanjera South
  • Chair: John W.K Harris
  • Placement: Associate Professor, Anthropology, Baylor University

Hillary Pielet Delprete

  • Dissertation Title: Secular Changes in the Morphology of the Modern Human Pelvis and the Implications for Human Evolution
  • Chair: Susan Cachel
  • Placement: 2015: Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Monmouth University.

Jackson Njau

  • Dissertation Title: The Relevance of Crocodiles to Oldowan Hominin Paleoecology at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
  • Chair: Robert Blumenschine
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Geological Sciences, Paleoanthropology, Paleontology, Indiana University-Bloomington

Susan Swiat Yorke (Passed away in 2009)

  • Dissertation Title: More Things of Heaven on Earth: Reading Ancient Landscapes of the Americas
    Chair: Robin Fox & Wendy Ashmore

Debra Curtis

  • Dissertation Title: Globalization and Sexuality: Coming of Age on Nevis
  • Chair: Louisa Schein
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Salve Regina University

Elizabeth Jordan

  • Dissertation Title: “From Time Immemorial”: Washerwomen, Culture, and Community in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Chair: Carmel Schrire
  • Placement: Preservation Program Manager/Archeologist, Virginia Department of Transportation

Rhonda Quinn

  • Dissertation Title: Stable Isotopic Evidence for Plio-Pleistocene Hominin Paleoenvironments of the Koobi Fora Formation, Turkana Basin, Northern Kenya
  • Chair: Craig Feibel
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Loyola University

Dorothy Weaver

  • Dissertation Title: The Difference It Makes: Contested Gender and the Production of Religion
  • Chair: Louisa Schein


Dawn Ekdahl

  • Dissertation Title: Social and Ecological Effects on Endoparasites in Vervet (Cercopithecus Aethiops) and Patas (Erythrocebus) Monkeys in Laikipia, Kenya
  • Chair: Susan Cachel
  • Placement: Self-employed, Nature and Conservation Photographer

Purity Kiura

  • Dissertation Title: An Ethnoarchaeology and Stable Isotope Study on the Diets of Three Modern Groups of People in Northern Kenya
  • Chair: John W.K. Harris
  • Placement: Head of Archaeology, National Museums of Kenya

Jessica Libove

  • Dissertation Title: Dancing a Fine Line: Gender, Sexuality, and Morality at Women’s Tours in Dakar, Senegal
  • Chair: Dorothy Hodgson
  • Placement: Consultant/Researcher, Context Research

Christoph Norton

  • Dissertation Title: Taphonomic Perspectives on the Subsistence Patterns of Late Paleolithic Hunter-Gatherers in Northeast Asia
  • Chair: Robert Blumenschine
  • Placement: Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Nia Parson

  • Dissertation Title: Gendered Suffering and Social Transformations: Domestic Violence, Dictatorship, and Democracy in Chile
  • Chair: Dorothy Hodgson & Peter Guarnaccia
  • Placement: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Dedman College, Southern Methodist University

Amy Jacobson

  • Dissertation Title: The Effect of Fluctuating Asymmetry and Attractiveness on Self-Perception, Self-Deception, and Preferences for Others in Rural Jamaica
  • Chair: Robert Trivers
  • Placement: Instructor, Rutgers University

Joanne Tactikos

  • Dissertation Title: A Landscape Perspective on the Oldowan from Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
  • Chair: John W.K. Harris & Robert Blumenschine
  • Placement: Field Director - Lithic Analysis, ACS Archeological Consulting Service

Sabrina Chase

  • Dissertation Title: Mujeres Ingeniosas (Resourceful Women): HIV + Puerto Rican Women and the Urban Health Care System
  • Chair: Peter Guarnaccia
  • Placement: Primary Care/Health Services Research Fellow, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  • 2013: Assistant Professor in the Graduate Joint Urban Systems Program at the UMDNJ School of Nursing, Newark


Sandi Copeland

  • Dissertation Title: Paleoanthropological Implications of Vegetation and Wild Plant Resources in Modern Savanna Landscapes, with Applications to Plio-Pleistocene Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
  • Chair: Robert Blumenschine
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Colorado-Boulder

Rebecca Etz

  • Dissertation Title: Sounding Out Community: Meanings of Community Identity and Difference among Lesbians Living in New Zealand
  • Chair: Louisa Schein
  • Placement: Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University

Raymond Lefebvre

  • Dissertation Title: Hakenasa: The Archaeology of a Rock Shelter in the Altiplano of Northern Chile
  • Chair: Craig Feibel
  • Placement:


Waranee Pokapanichwong (Passed away in 2003)

  • Dissertation Title: Negotiating Rural Subsistence: Cultural Politics and the Commodification of Thai Female Sexuality
  • Chair: Uli Linke

Hsiu-Hui Su

  • Dissertation Title: Within-Group Female-Female Feeding Competition and Inter-Matriline Feeding Competition in Taiwanese Macaques (Macaca Cyclopis) at Fushan Experimental Forest, Taiwan
  • Chair: Susan Cachel
  • Placement: Professor, Institute of Wildlife Conservation, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Lisa Vanderlinden

  • Dissertation Title: Conceiving Fertility: Ethnic Difference, Reproductive Politics, and the Experience of Infertility in Berlin
  • Chair: Uli Linke
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University
  • 2013: Promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at Texas Christian University

Georgia Kalamida

  • Dissertation Title: Music, Politics, and Identity in Greece and the Greek-American Diaspora
  • Chair: Robin Fox
  • Placement: Professor, Queens College, CUNY

Fionnuala Rose

  • Dissertation Title: A Fresh Perspective: Isotopic Evidence for Prehistoric Human Subsistence in the Upper Mississippi River Valley of West-Central Illinois
  • Chair: Susan Cachel
  • Placement: Research Development Officer, University of Sussex, UK


Andrew Bickford

  • Dissertation Title: Command Performance: Militarization, Masculinity, and the State in the German Democratic Republic and Post-Unification Germany
  • Chair: Uli Linke
  • Placement: Assistant Professor and Co-Director of Graduate Studies, George Mason University

Mzalendo Kibunjia

  • Dissertation Title: Archaeological Investigations of Lokalalei (GaJh 5): A Late Pliocene Site, West of Lake Turkana, Kenya
  • Chair: John W.K. Harris
  • Placement: Director, National Museums of Kenya

Wendy Birky

  • Dissertation Title: Mating Patterns and Social Structure in a Wild Group of Formosan Macaques (Macaca Cyclopis)
  • Chair: Dieter Steklis
  • Placement: Adjunct Faculty, California State University at Northridge

Amy Cushing

  • Dissertation Title: The Landscape Zooarchaeology and Paleontology of Plio-Pleistocene Olduvai, Tanzania and Their Implications for Early Hominid Ecology
  • Chair: Robert Blumenschine

Ken Mowbray

  • Dissertation Title: Growth of the Occipital in Human Evolution: Understanding the Developmental Foundations for Morphological Variability through Experimental Models and Surface Bone Histology
  • Chair: Susan Cachel
  • Placement: Curatorial Associate, American Museum of National History

Janel Tortorice

  • Dissertation Title: Written on the Body: Butch/Femme Lesbian Gender Identity and Biological Correlates
  • Chair: Dieter Steklis
  • Placement: Lone Star College, Houston, TX


Adriana Greci Green

  • Dissertation Title: Performances and Celebrations: Displaying Lakota Identity, 1880-1915
  • Chair: Robin Fox
  • Placement: Northern Michigan University

Robert Marlin

  • Dissertation Title: Possessing the Past: Legacies of Violence and Reproductive Illness in Central Mozambique
  • Chair: Peter Guarnaccia
  • Placement: Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School & Director of the Coordinated Care Program for Political Violence Survivors

Virginia Cornue

  • Dissertation Title: Recognizing Women: Gender, Non-Government Organizations, and Contemporary Change in China
  • Chair: Louisa Schein
  • Placement: Visiting Instructor, Rutgers University

Zaibette Maldonado

  • Dissertation Title: Coping with Vulnerability to Coastal Hazards in Loiza, Puerto Rico
  • Chair: Bonnie McCay
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras

Violetta Zentai

  • Dissertation Title: Exchange of Values and Circulation of Meanings: Social Imagination on Money and Wealth in Post-Socialist Hungary
  • Chair: Uli Linke
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Central European University


Robert Blinkoff

  • Dissertation Title: Creating and Maintaining Access Fields in Sokamin, Papua New Guinea
  • Chair: Bonnie McCay
  • Placement: President, Context Research Marketing

Barbara Jones

  • Dissertation Title: Bogged Down: The Issue of Wetland Expansion for New Jersey and Massachusetts Cranberry Growers, Environmentalists, and Regulators 
  • Chair: Bonnie McCay
  • Placement: Assistant Professor, Brookdale Community College

Paige West

  • Dissertation Title: The Practices, Ideologies, and Consequences of Conservation and Development in Papua New Guinea
  • Chair: George Morren & Dorothy Hodgson
  • Placement: Professor, Barnard College

Stacey Jordan

  • Dissertation Title: The “Utility” of Coarse Earthenware: Potters, Pottery Production, and Identity at the Dutch Colonial Cape of Good Hope, South Africa (1652-1795)
  • Chair: Carmel Schrire
  • Placement: Principal, AECOM

Risky Embodiments: Momentum and Medical Travel in the Paris of South America

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