Dr. Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi does research in Gujarat, India


Dr. Daniel Goldstein in Belgium


Recently graduated anthropology major continues her work and studies


Dr. Dorothy Hodgson and Maasai activist Ndini Kimesera Sikar at the U.N. in NYC


Student discusses honors poster on “Undocumented Mexican Women in New Brunswick”


Dr. David Hughes at Fukushima Workshop, Tokyo


Graduate student meets orangutan as a T.A. in Borneo with Rutgers Study Abroad "Primates, Ecology and Conservation in Indonesia"


Student discusses Honors work at historic site in Trappe, PA with Chair, Dr. Craig Feibel

(PhD U Manchester 1969; PhD Pol Sci UCLA 1976; Prof Emeritus, SAS) Political anthropology, politics and culture, anthropology of complex societies, collective identities; Israel and Middle East  maronoff@rci.rutgers.edu

alt(PhD, U California-Berkeley, 1985; Prof Emeritus, Evolutionary Anthropology) Old World prehistory, zooarcheology, hominid ecology and social organization; Africa rjblumenschine@gmail.com

alt(PhD, U California-Berkeley, 1978; Prof, SAS) Old World prehistory, human origins, lithic analysis, archeological method and theory; Africa  jwharris@rci.rutgers.edu

Fran Mascia Lees 20170926 600 4646

(PhD, SUNY-Albany, 1983; Professor, SAS)
Body/embodiment, politics and aesthetics, phenomenologies of capitalism, consumer culture, cultural politics, critical ethnography and ethnographic writing, cultural representation, gender/race/difference and global inequalities; culture and desire; history and  theory of anthropology; US

alt(PhD, Australian National U, 1969; Prof Emeritus, SAS) Kinship, pseudo-procreative theory, the ethnographic study of human nature, history of anthropology, primitivism; Aboriginal Australia, lowland S America warshap7@aol.com

(PhD UC Berkeley, 1974; Prof Emeritus; Scientific Director, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund) Primatology, mountain gorilla behavior and conservation, biological mechanisms of primate social behavior; Central and E Africa  steklis@email.arizona.edu
(PhD, New York, 1971; Prof Emeritus, SAS) Cultural anthropology, culture and aging, gender issues; SE Asia

(PhD, U London, 1962; Charles Darwin Prof of Anth, SAS) Political structures, sociosexual roles, ethology, human nature, biology of human behavior, the kibbutz, human aggression, social uses of food, industrial society ltiger@anthropology.rutgers.edu


(PhD Columbia, 1956; Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Ecology) Human ecology, tropical rain forest adaptations, methodology and explanation, ecological and evolutionary theory; Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Polynesia

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