Dr. Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi does research in Gujarat, India


Dr. Daniel Goldstein in Belgium


Recently graduated anthropology major continues her work and studies


Dr. Dorothy Hodgson and Maasai activist Ndini Kimesera Sikar at the U.N. in NYC


Student discusses honors poster on “Undocumented Mexican Women in New Brunswick”


Dr. David Hughes at Fukushima Workshop, Tokyo


Graduate student meets orangutan as a T.A. in Borneo with Rutgers Study Abroad "Primates, Ecology and Conservation in Indonesia"


Student discusses Honors work at historic site in Trappe, PA with Chair, Dr. Craig Feibel

Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi



    Office: RAB 309
    Department of Anthropology
    131 George Street
    Rutgers University
    New Brunswick, NY 08901-1414
    Email: parvis@anthropology.rutgers.edu
    Phone: 732-932-9629





I am indebted to long term stationary field work in diverse contexts which emphasizes dynamics of encounter, transference, and reflexivity. The ethnographic engagement includes a thorough reading of ethnographic and anthropological literature, as well as an engagement with social and cultural theory.   I have conducted ethnographic research in the United States, Gibraltar, and India.










1/06 Cornell University. Ph.D. 2006. Anthropology.  
12/00 Cornell University. M.A. 2000. Anthropology
7/98 Freie Universität Berlin. Magister Artium (M.A.).
5/94 Freie Universität Berlin. Zwischenprüfung (B.A.).


2012. Pogrom in Gujarat: Hindu Nationalism and Anti-Muslim Violence in India. Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press. 335 pages. ISBN 978-0-691-15177-9
2009, ed., Violence: Ethnographic Encounters. NYC: Berg Press. 164 pages. ISBN 978-1-84788-417-6.
2008. Muslimische Heilige in Gujarat: Sufismus, Synkretismus und Praxis im westlichen Indien. (in German). Berlin: ECA, 141 pages. ISBN 978-3-940842-61-9. 








2012. “The city threshold: Mushroom temples and magic remains in Ahmedabad,” In: Ethnography Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 12-27. Sage Publications. ISSN 1466-1381.
2011. “Religious Synthesis in India: Delegation and Exchange at a Muslim Shrine.” In A Companion to the Anthropology of India. Edited by Isabelle Clark-Decès Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, pp. 260-276. ISBN-13: 978-1-4051-9892-9.
2010. “On the Political Uses of Disgust in Gujarat.” In: South Asian History and Culture, Vol. 1, Issue 4, pp. 557-576. ISSN 1947-2498. Reprinted also in Politics, Conflict and Society in Gujarat: Fifty Years of a Modern Indian State (1960-2010), edited by Nalin Mehta and Mona G. Mehta. ISBN-10: 0415556120.
2010. “Ahimsa, Identification and Sacrifice in the Gujarat Pogrom.” In: Social Anthropology/ Anthropologie Sociale (EASA, European Association of Social Anthropologists), 18:155-175.
2009. “The Hyperbolic Vegetarian: Notes on a Fragile Subject in Gujarat.” In Being There: The Fieldwork Encounter and the Making of Truth. Borneman and Hammoudi (eds.). California University Press, pp. 77-112. ISBN 978-0-520-25776-4
2008. “Bridge over the Sabarmati: An Urban Journey into Violence and Back.” In: Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 68-94, New York: Berghahn Press. ISSN 1465-2609.
2007. “About Prayer: Abjection and Repetition in an American Holiness Church,” Ethnography, Vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 235-265. SAGE Publications. ISSN 1466-1381





2012-2014 Fellowship of the Social Science Research Council, New Directions in the Study of Prayer (NDSP)

2012-2013 Fellow at the Institut d’Études Avancées de Nantes (EURIAS: European Institute for Advanced Studies), France

2011 Rutgers University Faculty Research Grant (FRG), Rutgers University
2008 Global Opportunity Award for International Research Projects (GOA), Rutgers University
2006 Postdoc at the Center for Religion and Media, New York University (NYU)
2006 Princeton Institute for International & Regional Studies (PIIRS), Princeton University, declined
2005-6 Wenner-Gren Foundation Dissertation Fellowship
2003 Cornell Sage Fellowship for Graduate Studies, Cornell University
2001-2002 SSRC International Pre-dissertation Fellowship (IPDF)
2000 Graduate School Grant, Cornell University
1999 Department of Anthropology Endowment Fund Grant, Cornell University
1999 South Asia Program Travel Grant, Cornell University
1999 Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies Travel Grant, Cornell University
1998-1999 Cornell University Sage Fellowship for Graduate Studies, Cornell University
1996 Grant from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). Research assistant to Dr. Dieter Haller, supervised by Professor Werner Schiffauer, Viadrina Universität in Frankfurt/Oder, Germany
1995 Grant from the Freie Universität, research in Gujarat (India), Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
1994 Erasmus stipend, Université St. Denis (Paris VIII.), declined



ANTHRO 603 Dream, Recall, Disavowal

ANTHRO 522 Sacrifice, Violence, Immortality
ANTHRO 505 History of Anthropological Theory

ANTHRO 380 Culture, Memory, History

ANTHRO 308 Magic, Witchcraft, and Instrumental Reason

ANTHRO 244 South Asian Ethnography

ANTHRO 220 The Politics of Food and Sex in South Asia

ANTHRO 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
























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