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Susan M. Cachel

cachelheadshotjune12(PhD, U Chicago, 1976; Professor, SAS) Physical anthropology, human and nonhuman primate evolution, evolutionary theory, morphology cachel@anthropology.rutgers.edu




Address: Biological Sciences Bldg. Rm. 203C
Phone/Fax: 848-932-9270; 732-932-1564(Fax)

Susan Cachel's Bibliography For Physical Anthropology



PhD University of Chicago 1976

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Courses Taught

Undergraduate: Intro to Human Evolution; Human Variation; Primate Behavior; Primate Ecology; Advanced Physical Anthropology; Skeletal Biology of Primates ( with lab); Primatology and Human Evolution; Theories in Physical Anthropology; Introduction to Archaeology; Survey of Fossil Primates.

Graduate: Evolutionary Theory and Processes; Primate Evolution and Radiations; Evolution of the Hominidae; Hominid Taxonomy and Systematics; Human Variation.

Research Interests

Human and Non-Human Primate Evolution

Current Project(s):

Paleocommunity reconstruction of African Miocene hominids;
Natural History Intelligence vs. Social Cognition.

Other Relevant Professional Experience and Activities:

  • 2011-2012 Advisory Editor on Human Evolution for The Oxford Companion to Archaeology, 3 vols., 2nd ed., (2012)
  • Instructor in the Koobi Fora School (No. Kenya)

  • Editorial Board, American Journal of Primatology

Selected Publications

2013. S. Cachel & J.W.K. Harris. The paleobiology of Homo erectus: Implications for understanding the adaptive zone of this species. In Companion to Human Evolution, S. McBrearty, ed. San Diego, CA: Cognella, Inc.
2012. S. Cachel. Human tool behavior is species-specific and remains unique. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 35(4):20.
2009.  S. Cachel.  Using sexual dimorphism and development to reconstruct mating strategies in ancient primates.  In Primatology:  Theories, Methods and Research, E. Potocki & J. Krasinski, eds.  New York:  Nova Science Publishers.
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2004.  Review of From Biped to Strider:  The Emergence of Modern Human Walking, Running, and Resource Transport, D.J. Meldrum & C.E. Hilton, eds., New York: Kluwer Academic, 2004.  PaleoAnthropology (July 2004): 6-9.

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1979 "A paleoecological model for the origin of higher primates," Journal of Human Evolution 8:351-359.

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