Dr. Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi does research in Gujarat, India


Dr. Daniel Goldstein in Belgium


Recently graduated anthropology major continues her work and studies


Dr. Dorothy Hodgson and Maasai activist Ndini Kimesera Sikar at the U.N. in NYC


Student discusses honors poster on “Undocumented Mexican Women in New Brunswick”


Dr. David Hughes at Fukushima Workshop, Tokyo


Graduate student meets orangutan as a T.A. in Borneo with Rutgers Study Abroad "Primates, Ecology and Conservation in Indonesia"


Student discusses Honors work at historic site in Trappe, PA with Chair, Dr. Craig Feibel


01:070:112 World Prehistory

3 credits
Course description: An overview of world Prehistory from the first human made tools to the development of farming and herding.  

Meets Core Curriculum Requirement: HST

Offered Fall 2017 - pdf See Flyer (9.52 MB)

01:070:314 Prehistoric Funerary Archaeology

3 credits
Course Description: Introduction to the theories, methods and applications of funerary archaeology; the evolution of funerary practices among prehistoric societies.  Prerequisite: 01:070:105

pdf 314mostrecent (234 KB)


01:070:409 Primate Nutritional Ecology


3 credits

Course description: How primates meet their nutritional needs through interactions with their environments including foraging theory, dietary ecology, macronutrient and micronutrient acquisition, and digestive ecology. Overview of methods to analyze primate diets,  primate anatomy, physiology, microbiology, ecology, behavior and life history in relation to primate nutrition.

pdf 409mostrecent (123 KB)

01:070:322 Anthropology of Islam

3 credits

Description: Anthropological perspectives on lived experiences of Islam; the politics of Muslim diasporas; social lives of Islamic texts and media Islam; ethnicity, race and Islam; leisure, consumption and morality.

01:070:341 Language, Food and Society

3 credits

Course Description: How food is grown and distributed, cooked and consumed, discussed and represented around the world in culturally diverse ways; includes culinary fieldwork.

Most Recent Syllabus
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